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‘Wentworth’ season 5 spoilers: Danielle Cormack to appear one more time in a flashback

'Wentworth' Kate Jenkinson and Bernard Curry
A picture of Kate Jenkinson (left) as Allie Novak and Bernard Curry (right) as corrections officer Jake Stewart in Season 4 of "Wentworth" TV series. Facebook/Wentworth
"Wentworth" season 4 has witnessed the death of Bea Smith, (Danielle Cormack) which left fans of the Australian crime drama appalled. The showrunners may have killed its main character, but there are reports that Bea is not totally gone as she is likely to appear in a flashback in "Wentworth" season 5.
The last instalment of "Wentworth" has also seen Allie Novack (Kate Jenkinson) back from her comatose body. She is about to learn what happened to her lover and Allie finding out that Bea is dead is expected to be filled with drama. It may also call for a flashback featuring her and Bea.
Therefore, the first episode of "Wentworth" season 5 may focus on Allie reminiscing her romance with the prison's top dog. Aside from the possible flashback scene, it’s most likely that there is no other chance for Bea to appear in the show as the showrunners have already confirmed that she is really dead.
Producer Jo Porter has shared that it was a tough decision to say goodbye to a beloved character like Bea Smith. "This decision was particularly hard as it meant also saying goodbye to Danielle Cormack," Porter affirmed.
Even Jenkinson has already commented about Bea’s demise in the show. The actress has expressed sadness on the death of Bea. In an interview with After Ellen, she said not getting to work with Cormack anymore is devastating.
Jenkinson said there are so many questions, like who Allie is without the love of her life. "But the more I thought about it and the more I spoke to Danielle about it—who is incredibly philosophical and understood the long game a lot better than I did—I began to change my opinion about whether it was a good or not," she said.
"Wentworth" airs on SoHo in Australia. Air date for its fifth season is yet to be announced.


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